1. Pron?

    And with that, Tumblr is  trying to combat porn… the reason for the internet.  Just as this happens, I realise that I haven’t done shit for this blog, aside from repost women with curves, tattoos, and some redheads.  Oh well.

  2. Heading back home.

    Shit, I guess I’m not really up to being a blogger after all.  I am horrible at posting stuff, and mostly spend my time away from work on the cam with the family, or at IHC getting into it with the trolls.  I’ll try to post a bit more often, and might even transfer over my old blog.  Yeah, that’s right, back to logging dreams.

  3. Something to remember this by.

    Just started cleaning up the house, looked at a few old journals and remembrances, and decided to leave something for my sons to read when they get a bit older.  Well, something to read and laugh at I guess.  Enjoy.